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a. Quotations are valid for a period of 60 days from the issue date.

b. New customers are required to pay in full on orders below £500.00 net. For orders of £500.00 net and above, a deposit of 50% is required        up front and the remainder immediately on completion of the project.

c. After an approved length of time (and a sufficient volume of trading), a credit account can be applied for.


d. Approved account customers orders should be verified in writing and be accompanied by an official purchase order.


e. Approved account customers payment terms are 30 days from the date on the invoice.

f. The customer shall remain a Bailee only and goods, services, designs and fixings will remain the property of (and can be reclaimed by)              SEED until full and final payment has been received with funds cleared and acknowledged.


g. Failure to make payment on time may result in your account status being revoked and the possibility of a collection notice being issued.

Artwork approval:

a. Upon receipt of artwork approval, the customer is to check the layout of any given sign, graphic or display, as well as checking the spelling        and to make sure any components of the design are not missing.

b. With regards to vehicle graphic artwork approval, the customer is liable to inform us if the incorrect make, model, colour or year of vehicle       has been used in creating the artwork. This may result in further costs to the customer if it is incorrectly approved.

c. Should any amendments be required, this needs to be confirmed back to us in writing.

d. Once artwork has been approved by the customer, that is a binding statement that you are happy with every aspect of the deisgn,                     including all imagery, spelling of any wording, plus the overall layout and design and any components used in creating said design visual.

e. Any changes to be made or incorrect spellings corrected (post the sign off date), could be subject to exrtra charge to the customer.


a. Production times stated by SEED are based on full working days (Monday to Friday and excluding bank holidays) from receipt of artwork          approval and/or official order (which ever comes last), and is not inclusive of the installation date.

b. Fabricated signage installed by SEED has a 6 month warranty against mechanical defects from the date of installation. The warranty period       may be increased or reduced in accordance to the product supplied and it's stated warranty period.

c. Printed media installed by SEED has a 3 month warranty against defects from the date of installation. The warranty period may be                      increased or reduced in accordance to the product supplied and it's stated warranty period.

d. Production times stated for any printed media i.e. vinyls, wall coverings, etc... are in place to give the material sufficient time to gas off               before installation. If the stated production time is not acheivable because of customer request, this will invalidate the warranty period             and can effect the meterials longevity post installation, resulting in the customer being liable for the costs for any replacement parts.


e. Products excluded from warranty are: lighting components, banners, temporary signs and graphics. Further details available on request.

Installation / Survey:

a. Any installation work (at an organisiations or individuals premises) to be carried out by SEED (or any subcontractors installing on behalf of      SEED) is subject to a site survey being carried out. This is to determine any potential health and safety issues prior to installation. Correct          PPE can then also be determined for said installation and the correct Risk Assessment and Method Statement be completed.


b. Installation dates are set by SEED once the production period has started and are based on capacity of any said period.


c. Should a customer require a set date and time for installation to take place, this needs to be brought to our attention in writing prior to             the order being placed. However, this may effect any required production times of printed media (see terms: Production: d.).

d. External installations are subject to weather conditions, meaning set installation dates may vary accordingly and at SEED's discretion. In            doing so, we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible in writing and to re-arrange an install date suitable for both parties.

e. Should a customer require the installation date to be moved, this needs to be in writing and received by SEED no less than 2 full working          days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) prior to the agreed installation date. Failure to do so will result in the client being subject to a      cancellation fee set at 50% of the installation cost for said project.


f. Should an installation or survey have to be abandoned on the day/date of installation due to work conditions not being safe or any other          reason other than at a fault of SEED, this will result in a cancellation fee set at 50% of the installation cost for said project.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change. Please read them in full prior to approaching SEED to carry out any work for your organisation or any individual.

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